How Do I Add My Bank to EveryDollar?

Step 1. To add your bank, start by clicking "Accounts" in the top right corner.

Step 2. Search for the bank you wish to connect or click  "+ Add Account" if you already have another account connected.

Step 3. Search for your financial institution by name or website address. If you can't find it, try these search tips. As an example, let's search for Bank of America. Notice how multiple results come up as you type. We need to make sure we find and click on the correct one. You usually want to select the simplest version of your bank's name. We'll click the top listed bank "Bank of America".

Step 4. Enter the log in credentials for your online banking and any security questions your bank may need, and then click "Submit". Enter your information exactly as if you were signing into your bank's website. You don't want to enter your EveryDollar credentials, and DO NOT let your browser auto-fill the info for you. Please type it in manually.

Step 5. All of the accounts associated with this bank will be listed (checking, savings, money market account, credit cards, etc.). *Note that all the transactions from these accounts will automatically be imported for the current month.

Step 6. If you don't want EveryDollar to connect to one or more of the accounts, click the down arrow beside the account you wish to remove.

Step 7. To remove the unwanted account just click "Delete this account". If you would like to just see the balance of this account but don't want to import transactions from it simply uncheck the "Sync Transactions" button.