How Do I Copy My Budget to the Next Month?

Congratulations! You've made a budget, given every dollar a name, and kept up with your expenses all month. Now, as next month approaches, you're ready to create a new budget.

Creating a new budget is very simple. From the main budget view, scroll to the top of the page where you see the name of the month and the year. Click that to open up the month navigator. You can go back to view last month's budget or forward to next month's budget. If you don't yet have a budget for next month, EveryDollar will automatically create it for you by copying this month's budget.

If you are creating a budget for July, EveryDollar uses your June budget as a template. If you are creating a budget for February, EveryDollar will copy your budget from January. And so on.

The good thing is that all the hard work you've done on this month's budget will be carried forward to next month. All of your Budget Groups, all of your Budget Items, and all of your Planned amounts carry forward. Did you spend a lot of time this month entering your debts and setting up your savings funds? Those balances all carry forward as well.

* Anytime you create a new month in EveryDollar it will copy your previous month over by default. It will copy your budget items and planned amounts. If for some reason it hasn't, that means you probably preemptively created the new month. If that is the case then just scroll to the bottom of the new month and click the "Reset Budget" button and that will copy the previous month's info over. 

We have instructions for that right here under How Do I Reset My Budget?