How Do I Move a Transaction Into a Different Budget Item?

Sometimes you track your transactions a little too fast and drop a transaction on the wrong Budget Line Item. Or maybe you realize that the blender you bought for your cousin's wedding would be put to better use making smoothies for you. Now you need to mark that purchase as Miscellaneous - Household instead of Gifts.

Here's how you move a transaction onto a different Budget Item.

Pro Tip: You can also search for the transaction on the Master Transactions List and jump to step 5.

Step 1. Start on the main Budget page. Click on the Budget Line Item that contains the transaction you want to edit.

Step 2. The Budget Item details card will pop up on the right side of the page. Click "Transactions".

Step 3. All of the transactions for this budget item will be listed (in our example, we only have one transaction). Click on the transaction you want to move.

Step 4. Click the pencil icon to edit and make changes to the transaction.

Step 5. When you click Edit, the "Edit Transaction" window pops up. From here, you can assign the transaction to a different Budget Item. To assign the transaction to a different Budget Item, click the name of the Budget Item or "Add a Split".

Step 6. Now you will see a list of all your Budget Items. Uncheck the current Budget Item (Groceries, in our example) and check the item where you want the transaction to go. Click the blue "Choose" button at the bottom of the list to save.

Step 7. Now you are back at the "Edit Transaction" window. Make sure everything is the way you want it, then click the orange button at the bottom that says "Save Changes".