How Do I Search for a Transaction?

So you've created all of these transactions. You've dragged and dropped some of them into Budget Items, others you've deleted, and still others you just created and haven't done anything with them yet.

What if you want to search for a particular transaction?

Step 1. Click on "Transactions" on the top right to open the Master Transactions List.

Step 2. You'll see the option to choose "New", "Tracked" or "Deleted".

Step 3. In our example, we'll click on the "Tracked" tab to bring up a list of the transactions that have already been assigned to a Budget Item.  Let's click on the "Search" button and look for TJ Maxx. You'll notice that, as you type, EveryDollar begins to filter based on what you you've typed so far.

At this time, you can only search for transaction by name. You can't search for dollar amounts or transaction dates.

You can also browse through your transactions. You'll notice that the transactions are grouped by month, according to the transaction date. It's easy to find the one you're looking for.