How Do I Show an Income as Received?

The Income section of your EveryDollar budget shows your Planned income and the actual received income. You enter the Planned number manually, and it's based on what you think you will be receiving this month. In our example here, Paycheck #1 is for $2,982 and Paycheck #2 is for $1,722. Income will show as received when you track an income transaction onto the appropriate Budget Item.  

1. As an EveryDollar Plus user, you will probably have your income deposits downloaded as transactions from your bank. Congratulation! You can skip down to Step Five. If you need to manually enter your income transactions, start by clicking Transactions in the top right corner.

2. Click "+Add New".

3. Choose "Income" at the top of the form. Fill in the Date, Amount, and Merchant fields in the window that pops up.

* Pro Tip: You can also choose the Budget Item where the income belongs (ex. Paycheck #1) by clicking "Choose Budget Item" and skip Step Five below.

4. Click the orange "Add Income" button to save the transaction.

5. To track the income and show it as received in your budget, simply drag the newly created transaction and drop it on the appropriate Income line Item.

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