How Do I Split Transactions?

If you've ever been to a superstore (and let's face it, who hasn't?), you've bought several things that need to be tracked across several of your budget line items. Groceries and clothes. A TV and toilet paper. A box of diapers and some shoes.

EveryDollar makes it easy to track a split transaction and help you keep your budget in order. This example shows how to split an existing new transaction.

Step 1. Click the "Transactions" icon in the top right corner.

Step 2. Find the transaction you're looking to split and click the "Split" icon.

Step 3. On the edit window, click "Choose Budget Item".

Choose the budget items where you need to track your spending. Once you've selected those budget items it's time to type in the amounts for each budget item. We'll add $81.34 into Cleaning Supplies and $51.20 into Clothing. Make sure the split amounts add up to the total transaction amount, or it won't let you save.

Step 4. Click "Track Expense"

Please Note: Currently splitting a transaction across more than 12 budget items is not supported, and your changes will not save.