I'm Having Problems Adding My Bank. How Can I Get This To Work?

When you first add your bank account as an EveryDollar Plus user, you will be prompted to enter your bank's login credentials. Occasionally something will go wrong, and you will get an error message, "There was an error registering. Please try again." Perhaps you entered the wrong username by mistake or an incorrect password.

We are working on a update that will give users a better understanding of why their connection failed. You might be prompted for a corrected username or password, or asked for an updated security question that your bank is needing.

Meanwhile, make sure you can sign in to your bank. Go to your bank's website and sign in by entering your username and password (type them in manually and don't let your browser auto-fill your the information). Once you've signed in successfully, try to add your bank to EveryDollar by carefully entering those same login credentials you just entered on your bank's website. If you have security questions set up, make sure to answer those just like you would on your bank's website as well.

If you continue to have problems, double check with your bank to confirm they allow third party access (some banks don't allow us to connect).

Please contact the dedicated EveryDollar Support team if you need additional assistance.